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Dec 23, 2012 6:00pm EST
to him to mrs. king to the campaign didn't approve it so he went to the hotel room in chicago and waited for the advisers to meet and the last guide was one of on will jack's closest advisers and he goes into the bathroom and she says what you call and express our sympathy i don't know how to get a hold of her she passan her number if in less than a minute he comes out of the bathroom and he says my daughter you just cost us the campaign. it's over. the closest civil rights division down, the one that dad was running, but within a matter of days, the prominent african-american ministers the protestants in many cases and that endorsed nixon with martin luther king father changed their mind and cannot in support of senator kennedy the african-american vote riggins such a percentage people think that they've got him elected president and he said that is a great shrewd political move. but i think it was an act of faith. and it was an act of hope and that is what really defined his life it was his faith that demanded access like that phone call like the creation of the peace corps like the cr
Dec 24, 2012 7:00am EST
action. i remember going down to the martin luther king center at mrs. king's invitation of speaking their during the time was there -- probably 20 years ago. i referred to rebel and -- ran martin luther king as reverend king and not dr. king and she said, thank you. reverend is what what mattered most. that is what the find him and set the course of his politics. host: what do you make of this piece in "the christian science monitor" talking about the changing landscape in new england. people are leaving the mainline churches and going toward alternative churches because, some are saying, these churches to not get involved in politics. guest: that are going to the ones that cannot get involved in politics. it is a complicated message. i imagine if you probe a little more deeply with the colts been interviewed, you find all sorts of reasons. people not just turn away from religion because it is getting involved in politics. it also like the message. they like what the church stands for. i notice a move in areas of traditional religious faith toward more evangelical churches -- whethe
Dec 1, 2012 4:30pm EST
recommended. also, the advise you to get a receipt from the cafe to. progress.king >> to mr. boardman, i want you to be real clear -- and i know you are, but i want you to make it real clear -- on both sides of the aisle, we want effectiveness and efficiency. it does no one any good, including the employees if we are not zero in on effectiveness -- zeroing in on effectiveness. let me go to this area. i want you to listen to me very carefully. when you tell me that in a year you were able to recover over $20 million in overpayments, i have got to tell you that sense all kinds of whistles going on in my head. the first question is, why do we have the overpayments? the second question is, when you're talking about strategic plans and organization, there must be somebody who is responsible for making those overpayments. somebody in charge. what have we done to address that, how much is still out there? i can tell you what happens up here is that if somebody has got something against you, they will take stuff like that and do some damage. rightfully so. help me with this. talk about these overpaym
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3